Sustainable viticulture and respect for the land

Shaped by a deep, fertile and luminous valley through which the river Sil flows, in a landscape of red and black soils where chestnut, vine and olive trees grow, is Terriña, one of the oldest wineries in the D.O. Valdeorras. This region, located northwest of the province of Ourense, was the natural gateway to Galicia from the peninsula and the destination of the Roman legions who planted the first vines and built wineries. Thus, they were giving rise to a tradition in the cultivation of the vine and the production of exquisite fresh and fruity wines with aromas of great personality.

Terriña’s philosophy is based on respect for the land, through the exercise of sustainable viticulture and oenology that allows us to preserve the varietal characteristics and highlight the potential of our two grape varieties: Godello and Mencía. After years of research, implementation of new technologies and modernization of production processes, we have achieved that our D.O. Valdeorras wines are among the best in Spain and that they are exported to different countries.

D.O. Valdeorras

Our winery has 25 hectares of vineyard, where we make wines covered by the D.O. Valdeorras.

Sustainable viticulture

In Terriña we make fresh and fruity wines with aromas of great personality that reflect the viticultural tradition of Roman times to produce wines in sustainable way that respect the environment.

The potential of the land

The immense viticultural potential of our plots is given by the nature of the soils and the climatic characteristics of the area: soils with clay-ferrous texture and cold winters and hot summers, with soft autumns and sprints and rainfall half.

In Terriña we make

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