Lagar de Deuses

Soils that print a specific character to the wines

Located in the town of Pazos, within the Monterrei Denomination of Origin, Lagar de Deuses wines born on the banks of the Támega river, which crosses the region from north to south. Three types of soils are present in this territory that imprint a very specific character on the wines. The slate and shale soils are ideal for times of drought and provide aromas in the red wines, granitic and sandy soils are suitable for white wines, and the complexity of the sedimentary soils gives the wine the personality of the mixture of materials.

From the high percentage of autochthonous varieties, wines are born with specific characteristics, unique character and that express the typicality of the temperate Mediterranean climate of the area. The recovery of preferred varieties, the introduction of new cultivation systems, together with the latest technologies and the adoption of new oenological practices, has as a result in white wines with an intense aroma, fresh and balanced, and cherry-red red wines, with fruity and silky aromas in taste phase.

D.O. Monterrei

The Monterrei Denomination of Origin belongs to the Duero river basin, due to the Támega river flows into it, which crosses the region of the denomination from north to south.

60 hectares of vineyard

The Lagar de Deuses winery began its journey in 2006, and has 2,500 square meters of facilities, 60 hectares of vineyard and close to reaching two million bottles.

Personality and complexity

In the territory of Lagar de Deuses winery there are three types of soils that imprint a very specific character on the wines.

In Lagar de Deuses we make

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