Marqués de Sanfiz

The wine heritage of the Galician essence

Marqués de Sanfiz is located on the banks of the Miño river, in an area where hillsides and slopes predominate, favouring the sun exposure of the vineyards. Halfway between the oceanic and Mediterranean climates, its location favours the cultivation of our vines and allows the fruit to ripen while retaining its aroma and acidity. The soils with predominantly sandy-loam textures and of granite origin, with an important presence of stones and gravel, give the wines that characteristic freshness.

All these characteristics allow the fruit of the vines to ripen while retaining its aroma and acidity. Thanks to the important work prior to harvesting the fruit, both in training and pruning, reflect the wisdom of long experience in this sector, following a rigorous control to extol the wine-growing potential. This, together with the harvest and the 100% manually grapes selection, results in wines that maintain a wine heritage that represents the Galicia essence for its landscape, its territory and its human factor.

D.O. Ribeiro

Marqués de Sanfiz is located in the Denomination of Origin Ribeiro, the oldest D.O. of Galicia, and one of the most historic wine regions of Europe.

Manual harvest

The harvest is 100% manually and always at the optimum moment of ripeness, with a meticulous manual grape selection and an elaboration that combine tradicional methods with the most modern technology.

Native varieties

Marqués de Sanfiz is the result of the perfect blend of the three more important Galician native varieties: treixadura, godello and albariño.

In Marqués de Sanfiz we make

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