Brincadeiro naturalmente turbio

A wine like those of our ancestors

Brincadeiro is a cloudy wine reminiscent of those of our ancestors. It is obtained by keeping the yeast in suspension and preserving the carbon dioxide from fermentation, which results in a different wine that recalls the flavors of yesteryear.

It is made at a low temperature, avoiding the precipitate of the yeasts and conserving the carbon dioxide typical of alcoholic fermentation, thus obtaining a cloudy-looking wine with a slight needle that allows us to bottle it for consumption at the optimum time. It is recommended to shake gently for consumption.


Brincadeiro naturally cloudy pairs with fish, shellfish and pasta.


Golden yellow in colour. Cloudy.


Above all, fermentative aromas of yeast stand out.

Letter Notes

Sweet entry mixed with the itching of the endogenous carbon of the wine in fermentation.

Additional information


Without P.D.O.



Bottle capacity

75 cl