Pragustus Rosado

A rosé for the aperitif

Pragustus is the perfect option to take care of day-to-day details. Accompany your appetizer with a glass of this very fresh rosé and give yourself that treat that you deserve so much.

Made with Garnacha red grapes, this wine is the result of a vinification carried out with great care. After the harvest, the grapes are directly pressed and macerated for a short time to achieve that characteristic pink colour. The must is then separated from the skins and fermented in the vat at a temperature below 18º C to obtain a wine with hints of red fruit.


Pragustus Rosado pairs with pasta, rice, seafood, fish, cheeses and pâtés.


In the visual phase it has a salmon pink colour, with clean and shiny steel edges.


In the nose it has a medium-high intensity, with aromas reminiscent of red fruits, strawberries and cherries.

Letter Notes

In the mouth the wine has a sweet entrance with a balanced acidity leaving an aftertaste with memories of red fruits.

Additional information


Without P.D.O.

Grape variety




Bottle capacity

75 cl