VR Barrica

To savour in a moment of relaxation

VR is a Mencía from the oldest vines in our Ribeira Sacra winery, which makes it the perfect red wine to taste in moments of calm, alone or in the company of someone special. VR comes from our oldest vineyards with yields around 1kg. of fruit per vine which assures us one of our main purposes, the highest quality.

With this wine we want to demonstrate the latent potential of the Ribeira Sacra and, when you drink it, you can enjoy our passion and enthusiasm for things well done. It remains between 7 and 11 months in French oak barrels and another 6 months in bottle before being released to the market.


Vía Romana

VR Barrica pairs with grilled meats, cured meats, mild cheeses and stews..


Intense cherry red in colour with pinkish tones that denote a noble ageing in oak barrels. Clean and bright.


Notes of red fruits, balsamic, well-assembled oak with subtle spicy notes.

Letter Notes

Good structure, good body, good persistence, leaving hints of red fruit and spices.

Additional information



Bottle capacity

75 cl


Grape variety



Ribeira Sacra



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