Terra Meiga Crema de Licor

To share during dessert

This pomace cream liqueur made with Galician brandy and milk cream has sweet aromas with notes of cream and vanilla. An exquisite liquor with a soft palate, ideal to share during dessert.

It is creamy all the way through, smooth on the palate and delicate on the palate, easy to drink with hints of milk. It surprises with its smoothness, its aroma and its fine palate, which make it an exquisite and very pleasant liquor to drink.

The Liquor Cream pairs with desserts and sweets.


Cream with toasted tones, very dense.


Sweet tones with hints of vanilla, dairy and soft notes of candy and chocolate.

Letter Notes

Sweet entrance, very smooth with dairy notes, of great persistence.

Additional information


Without P.D.O.



Bottle capacity

75 cl