Vinigalicia donates 3% of supermarket sales during the state of alert to research

8 de February de 2022

Vinigalicia Familia Bodeguera donates 18,000 euros to the Galician Public Foundation for Genomic Medicine, which is leading a worldwide study on COVID-19

Last week, Juan Luis Méndez Rojo, CEO of Vinigalicia and Angel Carracedo, Professor of Legal Medicine, researcher, international expert in genetics and director of the Genomic Medicine group at the USC and the Galician Public Foundation for Genomic Medicine at Sergas, met in Santiago de Compostela.

During the meeting, a tour of the facilities was carried out in which the incredible work of the different active research groups was explained. These groups have more than 150 members and state-of-the-art technological platforms.

“The work they do is invaluable and we must show solidarity by becoming aware of the importance of donation in the field of private enterprise as has been done for decades in other countries. It is a commitment that we must assume, not only in the current circumstances but also in the future and our company is committed to this”.  -says Juan Luis Méndez.

 The action in supermarkets

The donation has been possible thanks to all the people who, during the state of alarm, continued their consumption habits and included Vinigalicia references in their shopping carts through brands such as Vía Romana, Verdes Castros, Brincos Premium, Dona Luci, Cumio or Maria Castaña, among others.

Donation of masks

Vinigalicia has also donated a total of 12,000 masks during the state of alarm in some of the places where we are most present: 4000 in Chantada, the group’s headquarters, 4000 in Cameroon, a country to which we have been exporting for many years, 2000 in O Rosal, where we have recently bought a new winery, Via Atlántica, and 2000 in Petín, where another of our wineries, Terriña, is located.

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