María Castaña

The perfect sweet wine for after-meal

This sweet toasted wine with chestnuts is ideal to put the finishing touch to your meals with family and friends. María Castaña captures the essence of Galicia thanks to a differential elaboration that makes it a reference within Galician and Spanish sweet wines.

María Castaña is made from red grapes that rest for four months in storage and a minimum of another three months in the bottle to obtain a wine of excellent quality that will delight the sweet tooth.

María Castaña pairs perfectly with Santiago cake and other desserts


Red raspberry colour with light brick red hues.


Caramelized chestnut aroma with a fruity and exotic touch.

Letter Notes

Stands out its fruits of the forest in liquor flavour, along with a taste of creamy and roasted chestnuts.

Additional information


Without P.D.O.



Bottle capacity

75 cl

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