Because you strive to do things as well as possible, because you put a good face on bad times, because you have infinite patience, because you hold the door to the neighbour, because you don’t lose the hope of going to the gym, because you take care of yours, because you know how to value the good of our land. For all this and thousand other things, you deserve a good wine.

Quality wines within everyone’s reach

We should all be able to enjoy the good things. Of those that are made with care, with good raw materials and with good know-how. This is how we make our wines in the five Galician denominations of origin, and we are sure that you will find one for you here.

We want to make enjoying wine easy for you. For this reason, we offer you a lot of simple tags that will help you experience wine without complications.

A winery in each Galician
denomination of origin

We love Galicia as much as wine. This land has taught us everything: to be honest, to listen the nature, to respect our people, to fight when it’s time to fight and to enjoy when it’s due. Each of our wines is a reminder of where we come from and a path from which we do not want to deviate.

Winery family since 1940

Each wine is a reward for hard work, knowing the land, knowing how to wait, trying again and again until you find what you were looking for. Each of our wines is a reward for all the families that work in ViniGalicia and for everyone who knows how to enjoy life.

Our day to day