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D.O. Rías Baixas, Vía Atlántica

D.O Rías Baixas
The location of our winery, the characteristics of the climate and the land favors the elaboration of an Albariño wine of high quality and personality.

D.O. Rías Baixas is the largest producer of wines from Galicia exceeding 22 million li­tres today. The wines produced in our cellar, covered by this Designation of Origin, meet the highest standards of quality, receiving sig­nificant recognition internationally. 

Our centuries-old vineyards are located in lowlands, at an altitude of less than 300 m very close to the sea and associated with the lower parts of the river courses. This deter­mines the climatic characteristics of Atlantic influence, which are manifested in mild tem­peratures and high and well distributed rain­fall. which diminishes in the summer months. 

During the summer occurs a major drought, favoured by the increase of the temperature and the sandy soils, which facilitate the in­filtration. The curious conduction system of our vines-bower-increases the foliar inso­lation, promoting the ripening, and wicks the moisture away from the bunches and leaves. avoiding the problems that arise from it. The combination of ali these factors favours the cultivation of the variety Albariño and gives personality to our wines. 

In this winery we elaborate:
Terra Mundi y Dona Luci.

D.O. Rías Baixas

Mayor productora de vinos de Galicia, superando hoy en día los 22 millo­nes de litros.

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Un vino Albariño de alta calidad y personalidad única

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