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D.O. Ribeira Sacra, Vía Romana Adegas e Viñedos

D.O Ribeira Sacra
From our winery, on the slopes of the Miño, we elaborate our high quality white and red wines.

In one of the most spectacular wine regions of Spain, in the gorges of the river Minho, are born these so special Galician wines, charac­teristic for being intense cherry red colour wi­nes, with pleasant tasting, soft on the palate and with an elegant aftertaste; and fresh white wines, fruity and at the same time with great fullness on the palate, with intense aromas. 

Our vineyards are situated in slopes located in the valleys and ravines of the river and typically produce limited harvests of grapes with very concentrated flavours. The harvest is done entirely manually, the access to them is by trails and, sometimes, even through the river itself, challenging the vertigo from the terraces, exercising what is known as heroic viticulture. 

The plots are influenced by a continental microclimate with long hot summers and mild autumns, perfects for the ripening of our grapes. The precipitation level is usua­lly high, and the winds can be strong in the area, aided by the shape of the valleys, and these characteristics are what give its cha­racter to our wines. 

In this winery we elaborate:
Vía Romana Añada Mencía, VR Barrica, Conde Lagariños

More than 150,000 bottles

Enjoy this vintage wine without barrel: our production is between 150,000 and 180,000 bottles.

We are present in 8 Countries

Most of the exports are to United Kingdom, Germany, China, Japan, Cuba, Puerto Rico, USA and Cyprus.

Heroic viticulture

The Harvest is done in a completely manual way, it is accessed through paths, the river ... Challenging the vertigo from the terraces.

Our wines, liquors and wine spirits.