Nos sumamos al MOVIMIENTO VINO D.O.


Vinigalicia joins the wine movement D.O.

12 mayo 2018

In Vinigalicia we have wineries in the 5 Galician denominations of origin and another year we offer our wines. DO Wine Movement, an initiative promoted by the Spanish Conference of Viticultural Regulatory Councils (CECRV) that includes 53 Spanish wine appellations of origin, is the first campaign launched by the appellations of origin and seeks to highlight the importance of wine quality, culture, values.

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Vinigalicia obtiene el indicador “Ardan de Empresa Global 2017”

Vinigalicia obtains the

09 abril 2018

The ARDÁN indicators provide a perspective of interest on the ability to compete of those companies that stand out for key elements of their management to highlight their success stories and what led them to do so, as well as to identify the best business practices. These indicators are based on a methodology supported by numerous experts that is reviewed and maintained annually by a small number of firms that reach a certain indicator. The indicator "Ardan de empresa Global 2017" obtained by ViniGalicia Familia Bodeguera brings together those companies that present high values ??in magnitudes directly related to the internationalization process such as the number of foreign clients, number of countries to which it exports, volume of exports outside the EU, establishmen...

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